Welcome to My Foundations Youth Housing Ltd (MFYH)!

We are pleased that you have accepted housing with us, and we welcome you in joining our youth housing community. MFYH is committed to providing you with a safe, supportive, and affordable home and delivering a high standard of service to all tenants.

Our team of Youth Housing Managers are all experienced youth housing professionals and are here to support you throughout your tenancy.

Privacy and Confidentiality

For detailed information about how we manage privacy and confidentiality as a client and tenant of My Foundations Youth Housing send a request to youthhousing@mfyh.org.au otherwise;

read our privacy statement here

Service Commitment & Philosophy

We will

  • Innovate and collaborate to develop a broad range of sustainable and affordable housing options that meet the needs of young people and their communities.
  • Listen and respond to the needs of young people

Young people will be

  • Encouraged and supported to hope for, dream of and work toward a better future
  • Challenged to take personal responsibility for achieving that future and be expected to be accountable for their choices and actions, with respect to their personal stage of development

Starting your tenancy

When starting a tenancy with MFYH, your Youth Housing Manager will take you through and explain all aspects of your program and tenancy including your lease (and By-Laws), a property condition report, consent and privacy policy, program obligations, handy tips for managing your home & property and more about MFYH. This will be the beginning of your tenancy learning journey and your first chance to ask any questions you may have at the time.

Start up costs
MFYH charges bond and rent in different ways depending on the program you’re housed with, and this will have been made clear to you in the housing offer. The start-up costs usually consist of full payment of the bond (usually four weeks of rent) and advanced rent of two weeks.

NB: We let you know at housing offer if you are able apply for Rentstart Bond Loan and at start-up regular rent payments can be set-up by us for you via Centrepay.

Centrelink – Rent Assistance
If you are receiving any payments from Centrelink, you may be entitled to receive additional Commonwealth Rental Assistance (CRA). These payments,
if you are eligible, can really help with your cost of living. We strongly recommend that you update your rent and address details with Centrelink ASAP and enquire to see if you are eligible to receive CRA. See more information here.

Property condition report
Completing a property condition report is an important task when starting a tenancy and you’ll receive an electronic condition report at start-up (this forms part of your lease).

This property condition report details the condition of the property room for room and gives you a chance to also provide assessment (you must complete your complete your part and return it within 7 days). Its important to be as detailed as you can as any damage not listed on this report (that isn’t considered wear and tear) may be claimed from your bond money (we will discuss this with you at time of exiting the property).

Connecting utilities (gas, electricity, or water)
Utilities may need to be connected in your name or you maybe be asked to contribute to these depending on the program you’re housed with – check your Housing Offer! If utilities need to be connected in your name, we recommend this is done immediately when you move in. If you receive a Centrelink benefit, you may be eligible for a rebate so check with the service company. Contact your support provider if you need help setting up utilities or speak with your Youth Housing Manager.

Engaging with your support provider
We partner with young people and their support provider/s to ensure that all tenants have the support they need to have a successful tenancy and achieve the life they want.

All housing products we offer require tenants to have and actively engage with a local support provider/s. This usually is the provider that helped you apply for your housing with us, and their primary purpose is to help you to achieve your goals, maintain your tenancy and offer support if or when you need help including transitioning into your next housing venture.

If you need further information or support around engaging a support provider, please please speak with your Youth Housing Manager.

We understand the potential personal benefits for tenants having pets and we consider the needs of many stakeholders including tenants (share house mates), neighbours, owners of properties managed by us, Strata Agents & our neighbours in strata units – all of which are transitional in nature. Having considered all of the above, our policy position is that because most of our properties and all shared housing placements are considered incompatible with pets, that equity for all tenants is best met by having a general rule that pets are not permitted in MFYH tenancies. This means that no pets are allowed in any tenancy unless we have provided express approval in writing.

Technology & Communication
MFYH offer many ways in which young people can communicate effectively with their Youth Housing Manager including in person, via mobile phone, email, SMS or online through platforms. We want to be accessible and available to you in multiple ways to ensure that you can always reach out.

We have improved the way we manage/send formal notices including lease sign ups, property condition reports, and other important information – this is all communicated now electronically by using Property Express. We can send you these documents and you get to review and sign them through email, and they can be accessed on a digital device like mobile phone or computer.

Tenant Rights & Responsibilities
All tenants have both rights and responsibilities under the NSW Residential Tenancies Act 2010. We have also developed a Tenant Rights and Tenant Responsibilities’ fact sheets with key information we believe will help you have a successful tenancy.

MFYH Tenant Rights Fact Sheet TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

MFYH Tenant Responsibilities Fact Sheet TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

To read Tenancy Information Statement and Landlord Information statement in other languages on the Tenants Union of NSW click here.

Support organisations that can also help you with your rights and responsibilities:

Tenants Union Advice Line: 1800 251 101

Aboriginal Tenants Advice and Advocacy Services:

Fair Trading:

Repairs & Maintenance
MFYH do our best to maintain a high standard of housing to make sure our tenants are safe and comfortable in their homes; therefore, property maintenance is always a high priority for us.

MFYH is responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance to all properties but in some cases it’s the landlord of a privately leased property responsibility.

This factsheet will be given to you at sign up so you have the important information contacts you need to report a repair including after hours and urgent repairs (we recommend and will guide you on immediately programming these numbers into your phone):

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During your tenancy

Income Reviews
When residing in some of our youth housing products, approximately every six months we will review your income. We will contact you in writing to provide documents such as a signed declaration of all income in your household plus most recent Centrelink income statement &/or four most recent pay slips for paid employment. Once we receive this information, we will recalculate your rent and let you know in writing what your new rent will be…

It is important that you return this information by the due date or otherwise we will assume that you no longer require subsidised rent, and your rent may be increased to market rate.
If your income changes prior to the set reviews above, you must notify your Youth Housing Manager within seven days of your income changing and provide all the necessary information requested.

Tenancy Reviews
MFYH conduct regular tenancy reviews before any further housing (leases) are offered. With the feedback of your support provider we ensure that all tenants are meeting the requirements of the program. We are reviewing things like these and asking your support provider to give us feedback about how you’re going in the program:

  • Your ability to live independently (living & life skills)
  • Committing and engaging in support
  • Meeting case plan outcomes (employment &/or education as for most of our programs this is an important factor in your ability to continue to be able to afford rent and rent privately upon exiting)

Important factsheets and policies to help you sustain your tenancy
All of our housing is transitional and a stepping stone towards you being able to rent independently in the private market. Your tenancy history with us starts building your ‘resume’ for all future housing success. It’s therefore important to us that you understand how to sustain a tenancy which includes preventing breaches occurring in your tenancy.

Important factsheets or policies to guide you on maintaining a successful tenancy (and prevent breaches);

Rent Arrears fact sheet TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Understanding Your Tenant Statement TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Caring for your Property TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Living in a Community TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Shared House Harmony TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

We understand that sometimes life happens and factors beyond your control occur and there are times when you need more support and guidance – this is when it is important to engage with your support provider or ask us a question. Or click here to Ask Izzy for a local service near you that can help (e.g. food assistance, legal matters etc).

You should also check with your support provider if they know of any services running rental courses (like Rent it Keep it or Reality Rentals) to help you on your learning journey.

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Transitioning to exit your tenancy

Most of our housing is transitional and a stepping stone towards you being able to rent independently in the private market, so it’s important that you understand exactly what is going on with the private rental market in your area and gauge how long it could potentially take to secure your next housing venture. Talk to your support provider or Youth Housing Manager as they can provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to secure a home and assist with any references that you may require.


Ending your tenancy

There can be many reasons for you or MFYH to end your tenancy. It’s important through this period that communication is maintained. Regardless of the reason the tenancy is ending we want to help you get the best outcome you can in this final stage of tenancy.

We can help you with information such as; letting you know the correct notice period when vacating, scheduling a pre-vacate inspection, how to get your bond back, how to hand in your keys, and even provide you with rental reference material so you can secure that home you are looking for (such as a reference letter, tenant ledger and routine inspection reports).

Please understand that information that we provide in reference requests must be factual and honest.

Leaving your Home TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

MFYH Final Inspection Checklist TAP HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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Giving Feedback

We are Australia’s first youth community housing provider, therefore sharing your feedback and experience as a tenant could help us improve our services for the benefit of all young tenants. During a tenancy you can contact us to provide feedback.

Upon vacating a tenancy, please ask your Youth Housing Manager for an
Exit interview for Tenants form or you can download it here


Appeals and Complaints

MFYH acknowledges the right of tenants to complain if they are dissatisfied and commits itself to providing tenants with grievance procedures that are accessible, responsive, prompt, and fair. We endeavour to provide quality services that respond in a timely manner to the needs of tenants. This effort includes having skilled and appropriate Youth Housing Managers and offering flexible services. However, complaints and disputes may occur from time to time. Please refer to the policy below for more detailed information about how to make a complaint and your responsibilities and rights through this process.

TAP TO DOWNLOAD Appeals and Complaints Policy