Young people everywhere should have a safe, supportive and affordable home.

Our Mission

We will provide and increase the supply of affordable and social housing that meets the developmental needs and aspirations of young people.

We will actively bring together willing partners in the Community, Government and Corporate sector that can work with us to grow a broad range of youth specific housing; and those that are able to provide the foundational support and opportunities that all young people need to be fully engaged in their community.

Our Core Beliefs

Young people are the best, most important untapped resource in our society. The foundations that young people need to reach their full potential and become leaders in their communities are:

Safety & Stability


Education & Employment

Home & Place

Health & Wellbeing

More housing alone is not sufficient to end youth homelessness.

All young Australians must have access to education, training, and employment if they are to reach their full potential and not suffer long-term social and economic disadvantage.

Well-located housing, is a key factor in ensuring that accommodation for homeless young people provides not only shelter, but opportunity and access to their community, transport, education and training and employment.