Innovations, Advocacy and Partnerships

All our housing products and services aim to educate and support young people so they can be better positioned to enter the private rental market!

As the only youth-specific community housing company in Australia, My Foundations Youth Housing Ltd (MFYH) aims to provide a flexible housing journey for young people which offers them the opportunity to choose from a range of innovative housing services and products that they can access as and when their circumstances, needs and aspirations change!

We are really proud of our advocacy voice that not only kicked this organisation into action but in the last 9 years has seen an increase in the delivery of much needed youth housing products.

In the last 9 years alone MFYH have worked with over 100 support partners refer their young people. Most of our products require our referring support partners to provide ongoing support during a young person’s tenancy to assist them with their transition into independent living and check in on their progress with their goals. These support partners include (but are not limited to) Specialist Homelessness Services, Out of Home Care or Aftercare providers, local and specific youth organisations, job network employment services, government agencies (such as Department of Communities and Justice) immigration or refugee support providers or Aboriginal support providers.

What we do
(the backbone of our service)
What our support partners do
(essential to program success)
Build upon our portfolio so we can offer a wide and flexible range of housing options for homeless young people (bricks and mortar)Build rapport and work with young people prior to referral to assist young people to build their independent living skills and develop their goals
Provide a comprehensive landlord service Provide referral support including assessment of suitability and eligibility into the most appropriate housing option
Deliver youth specific tenancy housing management and tenancy supportProvide transition and support for the young person to commence their tenancy.
Ensure 24/7 property maintenance and urgent responseProvide regular support work throughout the young persons tenancy (e.g. monthly visits but this is dependent on program requirements – referring and linking the young person to further support if needed)
Proactively tenancy manage via regular lease review (check in points at least twice a year) to review program and lease requirements / eligibilityParticipate in tenancy reviews regularly
Ensure young people are supported with transitioning to exit including a focus on providing much needed reference packsIf still requiring support at time of exit, provide transition and support to exit.

Nomination and assessment panels

In addition to our referral and product support partners, we also have 16 organisations who provide representation and support in partnership with MFYH to make up our Transitional Housing Plus (THP) Nomination and Assessment Panels (NAPs). NAPS are an important and mandatory requirement in the delivery of our THP youth housing product. With the coordination and triaging of all THP referrals by MFYH, the referrals are then regularly assessed for eligibility, suitability and priority by Members of the NAPs. All of the following organisations have provided representation, feedback and support for over 9 years (please note that MFYH also has Member representation on each of these panels):

HunterMid North CoastSydney (Inner)Sydney (West)
ITEC YouthYP Space MNCYouth Off the StreetsDepartment of Communities and Justice (2 x Members from Commissioning and Planning SWS and WSNBM)
Path 2 ChangeWesley Youth Accommodation ServicesLaunchpad Youth Marist180
SamaritansDepartment of Communities and Justice (Youth Justice NSW)Department of Communities and Justice (Housing and Youth Justice NSW)Platform Youth Services
Department of Communities and Justice (Youth Justice NSW)Project YouthMission Australia
Allambi CareOpen Door Youth HousingUniting Youth Hub
Taldumande Youth Services

History of advocacy, implementation of innovative products including the development of more formal partnerships)

2012-14 Advocacy

MFYH, Australia’s first youth specialist Community Housing Provider founded to focus on increasing the supply and range of appropriate youth housing options.

Our portfolio commenced with 100 properties bought from the private rental market by Department of Communities and Justice and granted to MFYH for management.

2014 Advocacy, Innovations and Partnerships

Development of Transitional Housing Plus with partnered services (including Y Foundations, YP Space MNC, Platform Youth Services, Evolve Housing for Youth and Department of Communities and Justice). A unique rent and 5 year tenure model designed to prepare young people for successful entry into the private market to achieve true independence.

2014 Partnerships

Development of specific partnership collaborations with Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) such as YP Space MNC and Taldumande Youth Services. These SHS services provide their funded 12-18month transitional houses for nomination of young people they support while MFYH provide tenancy and property management services.

2014 Innovations

Implementation of new Affordable Housing program for young people (low-medium income earners). Seen as a game-changer and opportunity for young people that aren’t eligible for social housing (nor eligible for support from Specialist Homelessness Services) to have their own home at a reduced affordable market rent rate within the community.

2016 Partnerships

Development of specific partnership collaboration with Twenty10 (The Gender Centre Inc.). This service provides their SHS funded transitional 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses in Canada Bay for nomination of LGBTQI+ young people while MFYH provide tenancy and property management services.

2017-2020 Innovations & Partnerships

Australia’s FIRST pop-up housing venture, The Addison Project, in partnership with Toga & Qualitas. A 42-room serviced apartment building transformed into affordable and emergency accommodation. Toga’s commitment to reducing youth homelessness, through their donation of an amazing building is a wonderful example of Corporate Social Responsibility in action.

2018 – current Advocacy and Partnerships

Partnership on the Mid North Coast with Community Housing Ltd to provide homelessness Support Coordination for young people as they present for crisis housing support. This partnership over this time has also included joint advocacy and implementation of the Rent Choice Youth government funded subsidy for young people as well as social housing management of young tenants on the Mid North Coast.

2018 – current Partnerships

Implementation of housing partnership with Premier’s Youth Initiative (PYI) providers in Western NSW (Veritas House) and Hunter and Central Coast PYI providers (Samaritans). MFYH to increase housing supply for Out of Home Care young people via head-leasing opportunities within the private rental market and provide tenancy management support, Veritas and Samaritans provide ongoing support case management for young tenants.

2022 Innovations and Partnerships

Secured grants from Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to improve our environmental footprint, utilising much needed funding to install rooftop solar in three apartment blocks and install energy efficient heat pumps in two individual apartments.

2022 Advocacy and Innovations

Secure grant funding to purchase first property (3,730 m² land size) in Port Macquarie (currently seeking further funding and philanthropic opportunities to redevelop this purchase into multiple housing products for young people). Stay tuned!!!!

2022 Advocacy and Partnership

Participated in broader discussions and advocacy to address issues relating to housing for young people on the Mid North Coast (Port Macquarie). MFYH frontline staff collaborated with partners to coordinate conference and contributed to sponsorship as well as representation on panel of experts.

2022-23 Innovations & Partnerships

Our SECOND pop-up housing venture, The Adina Central, building on previous partnership with Toga and now including TFE Hotels, Atlassian and Dexus. A historical 42-room furnished apartment building located next to Central Station in Sydney’s CBD transformed into affordable accommodation. We are so grateful for Toga’s ongoing commitment to reducing youth homelessness through their donation of amazing buildings re-purposed to pop-up or meanwhile-use while under property development.